VPN Locations Renewal

Locations: Stuttgart
Type of Plan: Renewal
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This service is an electronic service that falls under the heading of consumer digital products, so it is important to know that the service cannot be replaced or canceled after 12 hours have passed from the service request.

This service needs to be prepared for this. The service is delivered 10 days after placing the order and submitting the payment

Terms and Conditions:
- The selected package cannot be modified, upgraded or divided
- The packages are automatically canceled in case of not renew
- Renewal takes place within 15 days before the end of the service, and in case that the renewal is not done, devices and all data will be permanently deleted automatically
- Cities cannot be exchanged during the subscription period.
-The service can be activated within 10 days from the day of the request.                                              
-The package can be upgraded to the top, but it cannot be reduced until the end of the subscription period
- 1000 Users Are the Maximum Allowed Users in Every single location  
- every location will have a new IP ِAdress Every 24 Hours                                            
-The contract is automatically Canceled in the end of the contract period.
-The installation for the first time remains effective until the end of the current contract, and in the event of an extension without interruption, there is no need for the installation fee for the first time again  

Service provider in terms of § 5 TMG (German Telemedia Act):


  • We strive to keep our networks operating at the highest possible level, so all of our clients benefit from it. Therefore the following actions are prohibited:
  • Operating applications that are used to mine crypto currencies
  • The scanning of foreign networks or foreign IP addresses
  • The use of fake source IPs.
  • The customer bears full responsibility in case the services are used in a suspicious or illegal way

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